Cats are natural self-groomers, but even they need a little help sometimes. If you have trouble wrangling your feline friend for a grooming session, these cat groomer toys will make grooming your cat less of a struggle.

If you’re a cat owner, you already know they aren’t fans of being pestered with obligations. They much prefer to lounge around, chase an unsuspecting critter, and bat around a few of their favorite toys.

But, what if grooming turned into a game? That’s where these genius self-grooming toys come into play! These toys are perfectly crafted to hold your cat’s interest while grooming your cat simultaneously.

If your cat runs and hides at the sight of a grooming brush, these products are for you!

Best Self-Grooming Toys for Cats

Scratch Pads

Cats love to scratch! Scratch towers are a popular choice for cat toys, with plenty of health benefits, too. Aside from deterring your kitty from scratching furniture, scratch towers and pads keep their nails filed and clean.

Many of these products have arches and extensions, so your cat can get the full grooming experience. The bristles from the archway groom act like a brush, while the scratchable base helps maintain their nails.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one grooming toy, the scratchpad-and-arch combo toys are the way to go.

Grooming Gloves

Trick your kitty into getting groomed with grooming gloves. There are many brands available at your local pet store or online.

These gloves fit human hands, so you can comb your cat and pet them at the same time. Your cat will love the extra attention – and have no idea they are being groomed! The silicone versions of these gloves make it easy to remove the hair and clean the mitts with soap and water when necessary.

Dental Treats

Dental treats are a valuable part of your cat’s grooming routine. In the wild, a cat’s natural toothbrush is feathers and fur from hunted prey. Because most cats are household companions, their diets consist of mostly dry kibble, which can easily be swallowed whole. Without the friction between their food and their teeth, plaque can build up quickly.

Dental treats are usually much larger than regular kibble and provide more surface area for cleaning action on the tooth’s surface.

Plus, it’s a tasty treat that your cat enjoys!

Self-Groomer Cat Brush

If your cat can’t get enough of those cheek scratches, these self-grooming cat brushes are the perfect solution!

These brushes work double-time, making self-grooming a breeze while giving your cat all the attention it deserves. Many models are easily mounted on corners and doors and are available in many heights, shapes, and sizes.


To avoid a full-on bath and battle, damp shampoo wipes will save the day. These come in a variety of different types for ears, eyes, and all over.

Whether you are cleaning off mud from a rainy day or just a regular grooming session, waterless wipes are a super handy solution to keep your cat clean.

Cats are conveniently (and notoriously) independent, but even they need help from their pawrents to stay healthy and clean from time to time. Genius self-grooming toys will entertain and groom your cat all at once! If you have additional questions about grooming your cat or wish to schedule an appointment, give our office a call today.